Since 2019, one way or another we have all been affected by the coronavirus pandemic, we were forced to stay indoors for a considerable amount of time and stay away from loved ones, our parents, friends, grandparents or people that we knew were vulnerable. Daily, we were watching the news and seeing the numbers of Covid patients increasing, but a few of us were unaffected by it, we did not know what was happening “behind the scenes” in hospitals.

Then in the summer of 2021, we have all experienced the horrific scenes of the wildfires in Cyprus. The wildfire in Limassol broke out on the 3rd of July during a heatwave that saw temperatures surpass 40 degrees. The fires were put out a few days later with the brave assistance of firefighters, carers, volunteers, the police and many more.

Those are just two examples of health workers, firefighters and volunteers who have sacrificed themselves to protect us . However, we need to recognise, pandemic or not, fires or not, key workers are always essential. They have often been overlooked and undervalued and that’s exactly why Front Line Kart was created. FLK’ mission is to recognise, reward and give thanks to Cyprus’s key workers through a range of discounts and offers from large national retailers and local businesses. Giving back is important to us and our company was built with a passion to make a change and recognise the vital role key workers have in our lives.

With over 41,000 key workers in Cyprus, split between Teachers, Army, Healthcare, Police, Postal Service and Fire Department who constantly work to keep us safe, healthy and supported, we are inviting large national retailers and business owners to take part in our mission and offer a range of discounts to our front line heroes. Looking back – the last two years, front line workers have each worked incredibly hard to help communities across Cyprus and make it through exceptionally difficult few years.

That is why the team at FLK have worked harder than ever to do our bit to thank them for all their efforts through the discounts we offer and the services we provide. We are incredibly excited for the journey that we are about to embark on and could not thank enough our existing partners for the amazing offers you have provided our community.

Thank you for reading,

FLK Team

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Pavlina Theodoulou

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